Luxury Brands Male Voice Over Store

A Luxury Voice is what defines a true brand and makes a difference. Your brand needs that touch of divinity.

Luxurious & Smooth

One Voice - Global languages -World Wide Dialects - Limitless Reach

Muhammad Samie Gohar has been in the luxury voice industry for the past 10+ years. The clientele includes major brands including Hilton, Pepsi Co USA, DLF Riverside, Sharjah Shopping, Dubai Police, Ring UK, Alpine Co Canada, Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Health and several food, entertainment, luxury and commercial entities that are specifically interested in a luxurious tone. A tone that delivers the message and also convinces the customer to pay the attention that the brand deserves. Soaked in a fine granular vocal texture, the sparkling voice creates an aura that cannot be resisted. To create the same experience, this Luxury Voice Store has been established where only Unique Brands get the bespoke identity they deserve, through Voice. A voice that would define your brand and sustain its special uniqueness.

The Journey

The world seems to have evolved over the past few deacades. Specially when it comes to advertisement and luxury brand marketing. Back in the old days, a unique voice could easily be spotted and related to the brand and advertisements were remembered for years and years.

I started to understand my ability to recreate the advertisements and their punch lines trying to either make them sound more deep or sometimes a little funny. In the University days, as fellows like to have a good time, we used to recreate our own versions of advertisements. Later, when I was in England, a friend made me realize the potential of my voice. That is when I remembered that I too could be into the voice over industry. Not just for leisure, but as a profession.

I started with basic voice overs, for kids elearning modules. Then slowly and steadily moved on to rather more potentially client based voice overs where the real world was the actual audience.

I voiced for corporates, IVRs, Commercials, training modules in multiple languages.

It was very recently, that I discovered that I could benefit a specific niche from the versatility of voice, tonality and linguistic capabilities. The sector that finds it difficult to maintain the overall brand image globally, as different regions have different native speakers and they all sound different. In this scenario, brands look for rather renowed celebrities who their people can easily recognize. But even celebrities could only voice in their own native language. And trust me, pronunciation has always been a key factor for major brand images.

I trust my instict on this issue, I can pronounce and voice in any language. Costing a lot less than the already known celebrities and maintaining the brand essence to a more deep insightful experience.

I also have the ability to correlate with the patterns, colours, uniqueness, key element that a brand likes to separate from others on these basis.

I am sure our journey of getting your brand recognized globally with the legacy intact, would be a pleasure.

Lets discuss your need for a luxury voice.