Voice Over Artist

Payments & Pricing

For complete luxury voice over campaign of Brand or Product

A campaign may include multiple commercials for the product

Exclusive Offer: You can also Design Your Own Package

3 Months Campaign

The price for a standard commercial voice over campaign with full usage rights for upto 3 months





25,000 £

6 Months Campaign

The price for a standard commercial voice over campaign with full usage rights for upto 6 months





50,000 £

Lifetime Rights

The price for a standard commercial voice over campaign with full buyout rights in perpetuity across All platforms




100,000  £

All Prices are in Great British Pound Sterling.  


These can be converted to your local currency automatically or upon request.


The price is per language chosen for a campaign.


A campaign may include upto 5 commercials for a single product.


First time orders shall get ‘One additional language’ as a Complimentary gift or 10% off on any package which ever may be chosen.


More languages shall be charged additionally.


Customized Offers are also available.


Please feel free to discuss what your campaign needs. 


Also if you have a personalized plan and pricing idea, please contact to initiate discussion.

escrowcom 2 1 Voice Over for Luxury Brands Voice Over Artist

All Transactions should be done through Escrow.com For Security, Trust & Authenticity

Procedure For Advancement & Payment Method

The buyer must be sure of the pricing and usage rights as stated above.



The buyer can buy directly but it is better to contact through website first (chat icon on the bottom right corner) and then upon discussion, send an email with the proposal to 


i n f o @ s a m g o r s t u d i o . c o m  


 mentioning the package and project details.



Any pronunciations and technical matters shall be discussed over the phone prior to commencement.



The buyer must also mention any Non Disclosure Agreement requirements clearly should it be needed. 



The email would then be responded with a confirmation of receipt and the  relevant banking details for advancement with the initial deposit.



All communication shall be documented & receipts shall be exchanged for complete clarity.



Package Buying should only be done through Escrow buttons given below each category description.



Standard Delivery Time : 3 Days from Escrow Deposit and Confirmation.



Standard Delivery Format: .wav & .mp3 files



Standard Delivery Medium: Email & Wetransfer



Standard Delivery Format:



Full Session File + Raw Audio Copy 


Mastered Copy + Musical Voice Over


(Royalty Free Music or Music that you would provide)


The procedure for urgent delivery is simple.


Proceed through Buying your desired Package.


An email to info@samgorstudio.com including Package and Media Usage Details, copy of the script and required audio format.



Rest shall be taken care of totally and the delivery shall be done within 1 – 2 days which is faster than the standard delivery time.



The delivered audio file shall be through email and We transfer.



Any specific instructions must be included in the email and also can be discussed over a phone call.


Muhammad Samie Gohar can personally travel and be present at your in house recording destination and facility for any particular campaign that needs brand voice actor’s availability at the campaign shoot location.


Travel arrangement details / time frame need to be discussed prior to any agreement.


The buyer must be a brand, an individual or an entity with authentic background.


The commercial / advertisement must not contain any illegal / gambling / alcoholic products as these shall not be entertained.


Upon successful email and/or online discussion, an invoice shall be sent to the buyer with the banking details for initial deposit.


The confirmation of receipt shall be provided to the buyer against their payment.


All payments shall be done from an authentic bank account for clarity of trail and evidence of submission.


The Luxury Voice Over Store can require authenticity of the brand, individual or identity so as to avoid financial trail issues on a later stage.


Purchase Agreement , Revision Policy & Refund Policy

The seller hereby assigns and transfers to the buyer all rights, titles, and interests in the work product successfully delivered to the buyer, including any and all intellectual property rights, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the order.



The buyer acknowledges that the seller retains the right to use any delivered work product in the seller’s portfolio, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the order.


The seller will maintain confidentiality regarding any personal or proprietary information disclosed by the buyer during the course of the project.


The buyer acknowledges that the seller has the right to terminate the project at any time, in which case the buyer will only pay for the work completed up to that point.


The buyer is responsible for ensuring that any scripts or other content provided to the seller for the project are legally allowed to be used.


The buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the seller against any claims, damages, or expenses arising from any infringement of intellectual property rights or other legal violations related to the project.

Refunds will only be issued in cases where the delivered work product contains errors or does not meet the specifications outlined in the order.


The buyer must notify the seller of any issues with the delivered work product within 5 days of delivery.


The seller will have the opportunity to revise the work product to correct any errors or issues before a full or partial refund is issued.


In cases where a refund is issued, the seller retains ownership of the work product and any rights associated with it.


Refunds will not be issued for projects that have been completed according to the buyer’s specifications and delivered as agreed upon in the order.

The seller will provide up to three revisions of the work product to correct any errors or technical issues.


Revisions beyond the third will be subject to additional charges.


The buyer must provide clear and specific feedback on any requested revisions to help the seller understand the changes required.


Revisions must be requested within 5 days of delivery of the work product.


The seller has the right to refuse any requests for revisions that go beyond the scope of the original order, in which case the buyer will be responsible for any additional fees associated with the requested changes.

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